United Nations prepares for opening session, ur, make that “party”

united nations

The class of 65 is in route to Mississippi for the 50th reunion of West Point High School aka as the “United Nations.”   Preparing to call the session to order and performing a last minute sound check are Norma Clark Atkins and Olivia Catledge Portera and the nice fella who is serving as audiovisual technical director for special effects. His name escapes me as does the day of the week.  Olivia thought it was Thursday but I was pretty sure it is only Wednesday – only three days to go.

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The joy of getting older–but not yet old

me looking good

Subtitle:  Why I love getting older.

Yes – that’s us white water rafting in North Carolina. I was letting Marie and Jill do all the paddling.  We were about sixty that year and who knew more good times were still ahead of us. The best, really.

Let’s face it.  From the moment we’re born, we’re growing older.  But don’t expect me to commiserate about the negatives of aging. I choose instead to dwell on the good side of the condition and I find more to appreciate with each passing year.  Seriously!

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