A movie for Netflix weary Boomers

If you’re sick of perusing the tired offerings Netflix continues to post, shut it down now and go to IMDb and dial up “The Last Movie Star”. The star’s swan song is now playing on the free movie channel app (along with many other classics you would have to pay for on traditional streaming services).

It will forever be a favorite of mine – not just for the entertainment value but for the message it conveys. An aging former movie star is forced to face the reality that his glory days are behind him. On its surface, the film is a tale about faded fame. At its core, it’s a universal story about growing old and squeezing the last bit of joy out of our time on earth. I loved it.

Gardening is dangerous business

So I haven’t had lip augmentation yet. I don’t need it even at the ripe old age of sixty-twelve when most women’s lips just up and disappear.

Mine are nice and full today, thanks to a gardening accident which bloodied my mouth and almost knocked out my front teeth. I issue this warning to all you tomato growers who are probably giving up on your tomatoes about now and ripping them out of the ground, cage and all, while dreaming of a nice patch of Swiss Chardonnay or cabbages.

One cage was really really glued in the ground and as I planted both feet on the ground, I gave it a huge tug with all my might. The thing popped out with such force it felt like That time I got decked in a bar fight. (Not really}?

So, y’all all be careful out there. What with Round-up, snakes, rabid mosquitoes, and who knows what else out there trying to spoil our fun, we must plant at our own risk.

Got my ‘Harvest Tree’ put up…finally

I began the tradition about 20 years ago of putting up a fall Harvest Tree around September 5 and it stays up till Thanksgiving night when it gets a wardrobe change to its Christmas finery.

I’m late this year because I’ve been waiting for pumpkins to arrive at local supermarkets, which is my cue to get out the fall decorations. Pumpkins, where are you?? Show yourselves and help us pretend this sweltering weather will soon be outa here!

Invariably some neighbor will stop by to ask if that’s my Christmas tree and why I’m jumping the gun. Can’t they see the little orange candy corn lights and miniature pumpkins and figure it out? Apparently not. But you should try this. It changes the atmosphere of your home as the beautiful fall glow floods through your living space.

Hopelessly lost in love

This piece could also be titled “What to do when Hurricane Barry drives you inside.”

I am head-over-heels, and hopelessly and completely besotted with actor Martin Clumes…I even dreamed about him last night. (I was taking him to a Mississippi State football game and he brought along a solid gold cowbell!)

The object of my undying love is currently starring in “”William and Mary”, an 18-episode drama now showing on Amazon Prime. I assure you, he is in no way like the ill-adjusted and socially-impaired Doc Martin. I have purposely avoided watching him in other roles because the hapless doctor was so disturbing to me Continue reading

So long Fred’s – what will we do without you?


The shelves are almost empty and I would wager that Starkville’s Fred’s Discount Store will be gone by sunset. It’s closure follows on the coat-tails of other Fred’s stores in Mississippi and system-wide.

I’m sad beyond words and wondering where I’ll go in the future when a Reece’s Peanut Butter Cup craving hits me without warning. Or it’s raining and I’m out of coffee. Or I need some potting soil on a Saturday morning and don’t want to stand in line at Walmart. Continue reading