Luddites unite!

I‘m ecstatic to learn there is a name for my condition – the one that causes me to retreat to the corner and suck my thumb whenever someone launches a discussion about anything remotely technical.

I get very nervous around people using things like I-Pods and Blackberries, andplease don’t ask me about computer Ram or gigabytes. I have no idea what they are, just that I have them and they’re apparently something to brag about. The truth is I’m not sure some of the advances of the last few decades are contributing to my quality of life all that much.

I still prefer an old rotating dial on my oven to the digital one I’m stuck with. Ditto for the tuner on my truck radio. I don’t like being constantly connected to society at large by a cellphone that finds irretrievable hiding places in the bottom of my purse. And I’m convinced Continue reading

This is the year for “mega-negolutions”

I was all pumped this month about beginning a new year when I will do all those things I know I must do sooner or later. With the month already 20 days old, sooner has passed, and later has just showed up.

I went out and bought an attractive new daily journal with special colored pens and gold stars from the Dollar Tree. I was planning to stick the stars on the days I keep my lofty resolutions. (Since retiring from the working world, I seem to be reverting to my preschool habits like eating popsicles and giving myself gold stars, just because I can.)

While waiting for inspiration Continue reading