Forgive my drumbling, I’m a bit carky today

Are these people drumbling?

Can we spuddle? Queaching and gowling threaten to dwine. I am flatly embrangled by fluttersome feelings and a need to whingle and whine.

Since I’m on vacation this week, I decided to depart from my usual kitchen sink remarks and tell you about my latest hobby – collecting words, particularly obsolete ones that faded away long ago for whatever reason. Continue reading

Sally, you better slow your mustang down

The kids of the class of ’65 grew up and mysteriously became senior citizens overnight.  They gathered last night for a concert by their favorite band and were 17 again. After 40 years, The Torquays regrouped and played some of their signature numbers…."The Midnight Hour," "Mustang Sally," and "Summertime." The class of ’65 was there to sing along.

crowd kathy & jimmy (21) judy & gary

kathy & jimmy toasting gene

It all happened at a concert sponsored by the West Point Arts Council and chaired by Judy Staggers who tried in vain to get the class of ’65 up to dance.  Unfortunately they had forgotten how, but like riding a bicycle, it came back later….

Time for a little broccoli backlash?

Writer Tina Jordan has reviewed a new cookbook for people like me.

“Call it broccoli backlash,” she said. ” After a decade of broiled scrod and brussels sprouts, some of us are tired of cutting the fat and flavor from our food. At the very least we want to go back to fettucine Alfredo, rice pudding, meatloaf, and liberally buttered mashed potatoes.” Continue reading