Texas trip satisfies most of “Bucket List”


As the girls of the class of ’65 move past the fifty-eleven mark, we are committed to completing our “bucket lists.” If you haven’t seen Jack Nicholson’s latest movie, you might not understand, but the “list” refers to all those things we want to do before we “kick the bucket” so to speak. Continue reading

Here’s to true love and homegrown tomatoes


There are a few things in life that are worth the effort required for the benefits derived – true love and homegrown tomatuhs (Southern spelling) are the first to come to mind. For further explanation and to get in the proper mood, check out Guy Clark’s little tune called “Homegrown Tomatuhs.” If you “google” him you can hear it on line.

I totally agree with Guy Clark. What this country needs is a homegrown tomatuh plant in every yard. I’m sure this would be a kinder, gentler world. Continue reading

Could it be the sky is falling?

Chicken Little

What else can possibly happen to threaten our economy and more importantly – our nation’s collective peace of mind?

I listened with rapt attention yesterday as two doomsday prophets chatted about the corn crop washing away in the mid-west, oil prices running truckers out of business, runaway inflation and the mortgage meltdown. One even suggested that we might want to consider stock piling food for our families – just in case. Continue reading