Not too late to costume up for Halloween


While it’s a bit late in the game, and there is certainly not enough time left to craft a super-elaborate costume by this Halloween evening, there is no need to resort to masquerading as a weary ole witch, ghost or cat to get in the Halloween mood.

Here are my suggestions for having a terrific costume with little preparation: Continue reading

A trip to the pumpkin patch


Norma and I made our annual trip yesterday to the pumpkin fields to take advantage of the pre-Halloween sales. 

We weren’t exactly out in the fields,  but roaming the aisles at Hobby Lobby.  We came home with a nice selection of the fake variety of the autumn fruit to scatter around our homes until Thanksgiving arrives.

Hobby Lobby produces a variety of pumpkins that don’t rot or melt in the Indian summer heat.  They are almost as beautiful as the ones grown by farmers. The only problem is, you must find a place to house them from year to year. I suppose I will add a room onto the house to stash my collection. 

Destitution diet produces Halloween horror

groceries and cabin 035

But where are the puppy treats and my hair gel?

Prepare for shock and awe. According to government sources, roughly 25% of the food Americans buy goes to waste. That’s about one pound of food, per American, per day — thrown in the trash. Sadly we’ve crossed the line from Land of Plenty, to Land of Waste.

Unfortunately I’m a member of another group – the one that rarely throws anything away. I just let it die a slow death in the fridge (usually in the vegetable drawer). I bit the bullet today and cleaned out that dreaded drawer Continue reading

Early light:Brrr…frost on the pumpkin tonight

frost on the pumpkins

Tonight is our first chance for frost on the pumpkins with temperatures predicted to fall as low as 32 degrees in North Mississippi. Rebel, Lucky Dawg and I will be reading by the fire tonight! They read comic books; I read more serious stuff.

Today is National Cranky Co-worker Day. Yes, they have their own day. Continue reading