Wait a second – not so fast!

Left- Here’s what I will be doing with my leap second.

Wait a sec before you pop the champagne at midnight. No, really.

The New Year will arrive one second late this year – a leap second, if you will.

The great minds who keep up with the Earth’s rotations want to keep our clocks in proper alignment – ergo, the extra second. It will be the 24th “leap second” since 1972, and the first since 2005.

Personally I’d just as soon 2008 end one second earlier!

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Usher in 2009 with black-eyed pea cakes


My former colleague and friend Robert St. John introduced me to these several years ago. He’s the owner/operator of the wonderful Purple Parrot restaurant in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

His recipe is a little involved, but I ran across a simpler version which I think I’m going to try. I’ll probably half the recipe and make tiny cakes suitable for serving as an appetizer. I’m a purist…must have a big fat bowl of peas to make darn sure we all have lots of good luck in the new year. Here’s what you do for the cakes: Continue reading

Packing away Christmas for another year


Be sure to label where you want the decorations to go next year.

Chances are you are beginning to take down your Christmas decorations to stash them for another year – if you haven’t already.

My mother always said it was unlucky to keep the decorations up beyond the arrival of the New Year, so that means I have today and tomorrow to perform the dreaded task. I left them up until January 6 last year because I was having a party. The year 2008 was not my best, so I figure let’s not tempt fate again. Continue reading

Cut off your auto-pilot today

asleep at the wheel Asleep at the wheel?

When I was younger I wanted to be older, and when I got older I wanted to be younger. When I was living in one place I wanted to live in another, and when I was doing one thing I wanted to be doing something else. I could never just settle into where I was and what was happening at the moment. Continue reading