Totally useless news still interesting


Cable news loves a good hostage situation or car chase

Yesterday, the Nielsen Company released a report about the TV viewing habits of Americans . Apparently the average American watches 151 hours of television a month.

That works out to roughly five hours of TV . . . EVERY DAY. Since my television stays on about 16 hours a day, my stats will be way higher. (I’m trying to wear it out so I can justify one of those new flat panel plasma models.)  Continue reading

Grow your brain with tuna and eggs – no yolk!


Have a bowl of B12 for lunch today! That headline was a joke, yolks are fine.

I love tuna fish – not the fancy smanzie yellow-fin variety – just the plain old “out of the can” kind that sells for 69 cents.  In fact, the first thing I learned to cook as a young adult was tuna casserole.

Who could forget that “go to”  casserole of the 70s, cooked up with noodles and a potato chip topping. Yummo. Continue reading

Nabbed by the fashion police

ready for the race

I subscribe to a “walking newsletter” which offers daily tips and motivation on how to train for a half marathon.  Today’s edition was on “what not to wear.”

Would you believe I’ve broken ALL the rules – everyone of them. At left you can see the outfit I was planning to wear for the Music City Half Marathon.  Guess I’d better go shopping for something more “hip.”  Here are some more of my fashion faux pas.

1. Granny shoes. White orthopedic shoes are my worst offender.  Nothing says “Granny’s Still Walking” like white or taupe clunky walking shoes, says Wendy Bumgardner, editor of the newsletter distributed by  Continue reading