Memo to self: improve something in September


I’m so happy I could jump for joy.  My favorite month approaches. As the last few hours tick off August, 2009, we face a brand new month and a clean new page on the calendar. 

I bought a great Daytimer in Nashville for my son’s birthday but he preferred the latest Cleve Cussler novel, so I bought him the book and claimed the daytimer for my own.

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Teaching the old dawg new tricks

nashville = Will's bday 022 My children are determined to keep me on the cutting edge of sophistication even though I’ve been part of the over 35 crowd for a few years now.  It’s a difficult job, but they are determined to keep me out of my comfort zone!

On my run-away escapade to Nashville, William mapped a plan to bring my Epicurean appreciation up to snuff.  Frankly, it was harder for me than navigating the information highway which my older son Braddock is trying his darndest to inject into my daily activities.

Thought you might like to hear how the other half lives.  If you are already a member of “The Other Half” my hat’s off to you.  I hope you have the income to afford it.

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Run away from home for new perspective

roads lead to nashville

I’ve done it since I was a little girl.  When I begin feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with life, I just pack my knapsack and run away from home.   The difference is, now I take a car and travel much farther and stay gone longer than a few hours.  (Funny though, how no one ever comes looking for me.)

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It’s our Dixie duty to pass on ‘Southern Speak’


Have you noticed that people from outside the south talk funny?  They also look at you funny when you open your mouth to speak.

I dare say, more people in America today can speak Spanish, than our beloved “Southern Speak,” aka “Hillbillibonics.”  Personally I prefer “Y’awlbonics.”

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Your Awwww for the day….

 aaawww First let me assure you these are NOT any of the squirrels living in my garden.  They are mean and eat my bird seed.

They bury pecans in my garden and I’m forever digging up little pecan trees.  But somewhere in the world there exists the lovable creatures pictured at left.

Or maybe it was just the invention of some bored soul with a nice imagination and the latest edition of PhotoShop. 

It’s still a cute picture and I choose to pretend it actually happened.

Perhaps your second Awww for the day is a bit more plausible.  In fact, I’ve seen Rebel dawg fall asleep while cleaning his kibble bowl on numerous occasions.

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