When nature celebrates your birthday!

9.29.09 036

Brenda, my closet and dearest neighbor, celebrated her 63rd  birthday on September 25.  That may not sound very exciting to you, but to us it was monumental.  Her “moon  vine” decided to celebrate her life and didn’t forget the date the way I did.

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Living with a disappearing person

alsheimers Statistics tell us that more than 35 million people are afflicted with Alzheimers disease.  Practically every family is touched by this cruel illness that robs people of their loved ones long before death takes them away.

My own family is dealing with Alzheimers on several fronts. My cousin, Edna, from Maui and I spent several days together last week discussing how she is coping with her mother’s illness. Edna left her career and her beloved Memphis last year to return to the islands to care for her mother, my aunt.

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Ballgame interrupted by wardrobe malfunction

em wet I missed the big ball game yesterday between LSU and Mississippi State.

Oh yeah, I went out there during a driving rain storm, and stood around under a leaky tailgate tent and wondered if this was taking “fun” a little too far.  But the disaster occurred as we headed for the game. 

First of all, they took away our umbrellas – they’re about as welcome in the stadium as a fifth of sour mash.  Suddenly, without warning my right shoe just fell apart.  I guess all that slogging through mud and murk just dissolved the glue which seemed to be the only thing holding it together. 

But they are brand new and I’d never even worn them before, I whined.

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