Join me in a toast


My local newspaper asked me to make some predictions for 2010. Sorry, I said. My crystal ball is in the shop.

But I can shoot a few from the hip.  There will be pestilence in the Middle East and muggings in Philadelphia.  There will be an earthquake somewhere in the world and a snow storm tonight in America.

I will have 1,000 senior moments and remember less than a dozen. I will pitch out all my chips and cookies at 11:59 p.m. tonight, and go out and retrieve them from the trash at 4:30 p.m. tomorrow afternoon.  The only thing I will leave in the garbage is my half gallon of Mexican Praline ice cream because it will be all melted into the coffee grounds.

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Weary of being a “waiter”


I just realized my main occupation in life has been that of “waiter.”  No, not a restaurant server, a waiter on life.

I wait in line at the supermarket’; wait at Starkville’s notorious ill-timed traffic lights; or wait for someone to arrive.  Worse still, I wait for the next vacation; wait to make more money; or wait to lose those 10 pounds before I can really start living.

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Preparing for the New Year – clean house!


If you’re like me, your house is a wreck after holiday preparations.  I can’t figure it out because I didn’t even have holiday company this year.

Nevertheless, the dining room table is covered with gifts to put away and a couple to return.  Bits and pieces of wrapping paper and Christmas decorations are lurking everywhere.

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Cox Claus and his elf, Emily


Santa Claus has turned over his Arkansas territory to Conley Cox Claus and the new St. Nick is rocking Little Rock.  Conley is one of my best friends from West Point High School.  He announced he has settled on  a second career – playing Santa Claus for various organizations in Little Rock where he also operates a restaurant. He is pictured with his elf who is also his 14-year old daughter, Emily. Continue reading