Who the heck is Admiral Ackbar?


This week, the students at Ole Miss voted down Col. Rebel, their sometimes victorious, and mostly long suffering  mascot, but I’m puzzled by their choice of a new icon.

Admiral Ackbar?  Who the heck is that?

I’ve been spending some time with my folks in West Point and as I read about the choice, I yelled, “Daddy, come quick!  What’s going on at Ole Miss?”

He’s a huge Ole Miss supporter and I figured he had something to do with this.  He didn’t miss a beat as he ran out of the bedroom with shaving foam still on his face. Continue reading

Biting my tongue

By Guest Writer Sherry White Jeffcoat

BABEE I have found that the art of biting one’s tongue gets easier with age. My tongue even has strange little scars on it from biting it so much.

It also becomes more necessary with age because for some really weird reason I am much more prone to blurt out what I am thinking, which trust me usually isn’t a good thing.

I used to could hold back a thought like “OH MY GOSH YOU HAVE AGED” or “Your daughter is SO cute!” to an

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