My new ambition: To become a petit potager

great idea for raised bed

It suddenly came to me today – the solution to my inability to have a vegetable garden at my own home! I will borrow an idea from the French and English “bourgeois” and plant a potager garden – right in my front yard!

It COULD be very chic and maybe I can become a female version of Felder Rushing, which means all my neighbors will snicker and make fun.  Or it COULD be very tacky, but at this point in my life,  who’s caring.  My life is still a science project.

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Leave your pride at home

BABEE_thumb  By Sherry White Jeffcoat

“Leave your pride at home.”Uncle Frank used to say that a lot.

He always kept us in stitches, no pun intended, about his hospital stays. He would keep saying "Yep, if you’re going in the hospital you may as well just leave your pride at home."

He was referring especially to the open in the back gowns, butt flapping in the wind ones…you know those…

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