Neil Diamond for president!


Last evening, Katie Couric reported a story that  that warmed my heart and restored my faith in basic human goodness and generosity.

You may have seen it.

Seems that Hurricane Ike destroyed a tiny southern Texas town and singer Neil Diamond was in Houston for a concert about that time.  He drove down to see the destruction and attended an impromptu prayer meeting of the towns people who were sitting in the ruins of their local church, praying for a miracle to help them rebuild.

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Blender compost, anyone?

I read a great tip on a gardening site which I’m going to try.

I have a compost pile, but being a fairly impatient person, I’m always wanting it “cooked” by Friday.

Basically, you just stuff a blender with your kitchen scraps, (eggshells, coffee grounds, teabags, vegetable waste), add a cup of water when full, blend it up, then you dump it directly on your beds. Not the ones you sleep on, of course. (Just be careful not to tax your blender by putting in anything too large – like a whole banana peel.)

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