Time for a New Year’s tweak

Confetti Girl

July 1 is always an important day in my life. The year reaches the halfway mark and you get a chance for a “do-over” – just in case you haven’t followed through with the resolutions you set six months ago on New Year’s Eve.

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Bootcamp graduation

bootcamp 003

I remember two graduations in my life – the one when I graduated from sixth grade into junior high, and tonight when I graduated from “Bootcamp in June,”  – without passing out.

Above,  left, Coach Tompkins, the meanest, yet sweetest man who ever lived, is trying to whip Marie and me into shape. The others are  our accidental friends: Indie,  Stan Acy, Steven Dewberry, Prewitt (our other coach who played football at MSU and Jackson State and will be competing in August for Iron Man of the World or something), Cary  Hardin and Robin Fant.

I’m taking the picture from a prone position on the ground – because I just needed a rest.

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You’re never too young to have senior moments

senior moment

I’d love to know who coined the term “senior moments.”  It has become a household phrase in my world, and I’m only in my 50s (fifty-thirteen to be exact).

Personally, I’d love to have a senior moment in the singular sense, but I’m more likely to experience “senior days” and sometimes even “senior weeks!”  I was told by a medical professional not to worry about these mental glitches – everyone has them. No problem.

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