Cleaning out the closet reminds me how far I’ve come – or is it how far I’ve GONE?


The cooler temperatures this week prompted me to do some sprucing up in my closet. I’m dreaming of fall and weeding out my tank tops and white shoes.

You know, no proper Southern girl would ever wear white after Labor day.  As for the tank tops – I keep them around only to remind me that I once dared to wear them!

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Fire at the dinner table

William's 36th 004 Thankfully, the fire wasn’t at my house this time. It was set on purpose to delight diners – made me want to run for the hills.

The occasion was my son William’s 36th birthday which we’ve been celebrating for the last three days. 

Last night we tried out Umi’s, the Japanese Hibachi grill in Starkville.  It came complete with a food fight as the chef attempted to throw rice balls into the mouths of diners.

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Ghost peppers can burn you alive

ghost pepeprs 002

William arrived from Nashville yesterday with a big bag of Ghost Peppers he grew on his front porch. The technical name is Bhut Jolochia and they are the hottest chile in the world.  I believe they are what are used to make pepper spray!

They measure over one million on the Scoville scale as compared with the habanaro, which is a measley 150K.  This pepper isn’t messing around.

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