Maybe it’s time to move

house for sale 003

On Saturday morning, I dumped the contents of my dryer on my dining room table and began the weekly chore of folding clothes.  I heard a knock at the back door and went to take a peak.

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Fond reminder of the good ole days


I appreciate the efforts of a local historian (Ruth Morgan) who writes a weekly column for my newspaper on various aspects of life in the days gone by.

Today her column was entitled “Number Please.”  Boy, did that bring back memories.  Phone numbers in those days were something like 327, or as was the case of a friend – just plain 9.

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Sometimes you just need to scream


Every once and again,  life tosses you walnuts still in the shell.  And you go “Why should this nut be so hard?”

The answer is, life can be hard.  Dealing with an impossible situation, I drove out into the country near Tibbee Creek and parked my car.  I screamed.


That went on for about four minutes until I was exhausted.

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