Reduce the razzle dazzle to avoid frazzle



Preparing for the holidays while keeping up with business as usual takes a special talent.

It’s at this time of year that the male of the species can do nothing more than stand back and watch in awe as women execute a holiday season to remember without losing their stride.

But there is a fine line between being “blissfully busy” and “painfully packed.” Typically, I subscribe to the latter.  No more. I’m slowing down to savor the season. So, what changed? Well, the answer is three things really

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Whatever happened to Thanksgiving?


I’m a wee bit dismayed that Thanksgiving seems to have gotten lost in the shuffle between Halloween and Christmas marketing hype. 

I’m not ready to celebrate Christmas yet. I’m not even 100 percent sure I’m ready for Thanksgiving, and it was five days ago. I found a bowl of corn salad hiding in the refrigerator behind a big box of Christmas candies. I completely forgot to put it on the Thanksgiving buffet, so I guess I need a do-over.

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The can man can

can man 089

What can the ‘can man’ do? 

He causes everyone who passes do a double take and come closer to take a second look.

The can man, is a great way to recycle your old vegetable cans and provide a unique bird house for your feathered friends this winter. 

The core is an institutional sized can.  Simply peel off the labels and spray the color of your choice.

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Finally, a winner

pumpkin grits 085

Everyone has been turning up their noses when I tell them I’m making pumpkin grits for Thanksgiving dinner.  They hate when I try to introduce something new to my traditional holiday menus.

I made the pumpkin grits today. And listen, they are delicious.  I tweaked the recipe I posted earlier, and baked them into timbales (in a muffin pan over a water bath.) Brenda gagged when I told her what I was making – I’m taking this plate over to her to prove I’m not so deluded after all.

In case you’re looking for a special side for your Thanksgiving dinner – here’s how I made them. I think I’ll send this recipe to Paula Deen. I’ll probably be invited to be a guest on her show.

I also took some to Yvonne – my neighbor on the other side.  She loved them – or at least she said she did. Wants the recipe for her Christmas wing ding.  We decided that adding a little garlic powder and hot sauce would be a good thing.

I’m getting a little bored with the timbale thing, so I will probably bake up the rest of the pumpkin grits in a casserole for tomorrow.

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