White Trash Supper Club

white trash

My friend, Pam, and I were chatting Saturday about our latest diet.  We’re always following some program in hopes of finding the miracle cure for mid-life weight gain. (Okay mid-life has come and gone but hope floats).

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I got sh-t for my birthday

cow manure compost_2

My girl friends from The Point celebrate each and every birthday, and revel in the fact that we are still alive after all these years.

We give each other totally useless, but wonderful things.

I announced in April that the only thing I wanted this year was a bag of cow manure for my garden.

I even told them they could get it at Fred’s for $2.50.  That’s about 63 cents a piece.  (Think that’s too much?)

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The next to the last concert

Torquays in the park 005

The Torquays have found new life.  We just won’t let them quit. If you haven’t heard them sing “Stand by Me” you’ve missed a beautiful experience.   Miss Nell would be so proud. Remember her, guys?

The high school dance band that provided the sound track for our high school years reorganized for our 40th class reunion in 2005.  They were so great we just keep calling them into action. Suddenly every class wanted them to perform.

Hey these guys are getting worn out.  They perform for free and it’s not easy to haul around all that equipment.

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