Saved by prayer and a good AC man


I’m wondering if this was my day for Olivia to pray for me.

Each year, my high school friend, Olivia Portera,  places all her birthday and Christmas cards in a big bowl.  She draws one out each day and spends 24 hours praying for the sender.  You can bet she is at the top of our greeting card list.

Good things always happen on the day Olivia prays for us.

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The truth about green tea

house wine

Green tea is becoming the darling of some medical researchers, and I’ve been trying to drink a couple of cups a day.

I had a brilliant idea recently while preparing to attend a dinner party.  I brewed up some green tea with fresh mint, poured into an old wine bottle which had a black and white label proclaiming  it the “House Wine” and took it to the party.

Most of the dinner guests brought bottles of expensive wine.  Half way through the night I noticed someone had drained my ‘”House Wine.”  That gave me a big chuckle.  Bet he or she was puzzled why they couldn’t get a buzz on.

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Are these the Golden Years?

Starkville awards etc_ 013

Bill Poe at left with with his brother Glen – both are my kissing cousins._______________________

My friend and “sort of”’ cousin, Bill Poe, wrote these words to me today.  I  think he looks like he’s about 14 instead of 74.

Just Wondering


When does the “Golden Age” begin? And how will we know when we’re there? There must be signs.

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