Get with it seniors


This just in from my friend Stan Maynard

”Okay Senior Citizens/Senior Friends. I know you would like to start
texting, if you are not already doing so, and find that you have to learn
a new language or code, it appears, that the younger generations are
using.  So, below is our own  texting codes so you can feel comfortable
and not embarrassed when you text.  Thank me later!."  Stan.

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Fall was made for porches and birthday parties

Brenda's 65th 022

There’s nothing like a porch party with good friends on a fall afternoon.

Today was extra special because it was Brenda’s birthday – a big one.  The biggest in fact – the one where she gets to join that famous fraternity called Medicare!

After cake and ice cream, we retired to the front porch to do come swanging and solving the world’s problems.

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