No heat and toasty warm

cosy with no heat 005

All my friends think I’m crazy.  When my central air unit shut down before Thanksgiving, I elected not to replace it.  I saved myself $5,000 and I’m still saving.

My utility bills this month totaled $52.47.  A year ago the gas and heat bills totaled $350.  Now who’s laughing at me?  (Incidentally, the cooling part is working just fine.)

I can’t say that I’ve been uncomfortable.  I have a small heater in my bathroom which I turn on a few minutes before taking a bath and I bought an lap-sized electric blanket which keeps Lucky Dawg from shaking to death.

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Christmas hang-overs


I wish I could say my computer has been down, but to be honest I got a brand new one from one son, and an IPad from another.

Since my learning curve grows wider every day, I’m having technical difficulties learning the new systems. 

Plus I have my  big new hi-def television set to occupy almost every waking minute.  Braddock loaded it with every movie ever made.

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