The Garden Doc


My friend and former dentist, Ken Ramsey, has begun a cottage business at his home in Starkville.  This is the same guy who has not missed a Mississippi State football game in 40 years.  He’s up to 403 games in a row.  (Guess he’s looking for a way to finance future game trips since he retired from dentistry.)

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Bully Gras rocks

bully gras 002

Marc and I weren’t crowned king and queen of the Bully Gras celebration last night , but we came close. The selection was based on who raised the most money for our local  Emergency Response Services organization.  We are so grateful for people who made contributions in our names.  Thank you. Your donations were very important.

When the Flames tuned up  with “Mustang Sally” all our cares  were forgotten anyway.

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Off to Belfast this afternoon

white wonder

When I swapped out my living and dining rooms last month I had more opportunities to notice small stains on my white sofas – one of life’s little gifts when you have pets.

It looks like Rebel was chewing tobacco again and dribbled on one of the cushions.  After trying various cleaning products to no available, I googled and something called White Wonder

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