60 is the new 60!


Around March 1, I had an uh-oh moment. I looked in the mirror and noticed some facial changes that were not good.  For the first time in my life  I began to think about some “cosmetic corrections.”


Instead, I rushed to the drug store and purchased some new potions guaranteed to restore my youth.  Well, it’s going on three weeks and I’m thinking I wasted my money.

Let’s face it, aging is not easy. But I never knew it could happen over night! In our youth-obsessed culture you can’t even open a magazine without being faced with some product promising to make you look younger.

Imagine a world where every age is a wonderful thing. Where scars and lines and gray hairs are considered signs of wisdom and experience.  Imagine a world where people can be  just as fabulous at 65 as they are at 25.

I think it’s time to embrace our age, whatever it is. We should be proud to make it to 60, 70 or100.  We were all 25 once and all the 25-year olds will be 60 – if they’re lucky.

Let’s just be who we are, look like we look, and enjoy each day as it comes.  And let’s drop the term “Old Age.”  We’re simply in a new stage of life — the encore years — between the end of middle adulthood and anything resembling old age.

On one hand, these new-stagers are implored to hang on to their fast-fading youth — 60 is the new 40, we’re told. On the other, my pharmacy offers a “senior discount” to anyone over 60. It’s either clinging to lost youth or accepting premature aging with courage and grace AND a lot of humor.

In truth, 60 is not the new 40 any more than it is the new 90. It’s the new 60. Try looking in the mirror and saying, “yay” instead of “yuck.”

6 thoughts on “60 is the new 60!

  1. Emily, I love this new quote I saw on Facebook,
    “We aren’t old, we’re recycled teenagers”.

  2. I live in a community of 17,000 people where the average age is 63. So you can see that at age 73, I am almost a young dude. Well really not young, but the trappings of age have not caught up with many of us. There is still an active social life in our community. Believe me when I say that if we chose, we could go out to dinner every night of the week and I don’t remember the last time that someone said to me: “WOW you are looking old”.

    Old is for those people who Chose to be older. It is not a condition. It appears to be a state of mind.

    Our walking paths are full of walkers and walking sticks. Walking speed is not as fast as it use to be, but we’ve got hundreds of older men and women who are out exercising and socializing every day.

  3. Chet, I just had a conversation with a friend who was bragging about how she had become involved with younger people (40ish), how they stimulate her, invigorate her. I was thinking how comfortable I am with 60 something people. I can nod off and no one cares. Go AARP

  4. If I were younger I would not know what I know today Look forward, and learn something new. When you get realll old(100 to 120) you forget a lot of it so it’s all new again. Just keep paying attention.

  5. Great seeing you again today in The Point, Craig. The years have been kind to you. Look forward to seeing you more often now that you’re coming home more. Happy scooba diving.

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