A beautiful day in May

art in the garden preview 042

I wonder why I learned so late in life that gardening is the most rewarding and relaxing activity available to anyone  for the price of a packet of seeds and a bucket of good soil.  Sort of.

Don’t tell that to the garden owners who agreed to open their verdant spaces to the public as featured gardens in the Art in the Garden project of the Starkville Arts Council.  They have been working for months to present gardens to remember.

We held a preview this evening, and tomorrow the public will get a peak. I’m drooling, and dreaming of how to borrow some of their ideas.


art in the garden preview 044

All the gardens are beautiful, but I was struck by the one that had chickens and rescued birds….and a vista of a water- front that made me homesick for a view more attractive my neighbor’s rusty Datsun.

Okay. I’m done with urban gardening, I want chickens!

Stephanie and Gary built their home in a Oktibbeha County cow pasture in 2005 and today it is overflowing in color and texture – not a weed in sight. They have been rescuing rare birds for years and have built a “bird room” into their home for the feathered family members.

art in the garden preview 038

art in the garden preview 040

Fresh, naturally colorful eggs are one of the rewards of this kind of gardening.  I love this place and wish I could show you more.  You can join us in the morning.  For the price of a $15 ticket, you get breakfast and an excursion through the most creative gardens in the Golden Triangle.

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