A beautiful experience

.daddy & BThe boy and the doctor who brought him into the world…

Thirty-nine years ago today (March 29) , I gave birth to my first baby boy.  It was a beautiful experience – well mostly.

I had a nasty condition known as  toxemia and my legs were swollen to the size of beer kegs; my rings had to be cut off my fingers.  My eyes were swollen shut and Daddy (my OB-GYN) had to induce labor six weeks early. He didn’t think either of us would survive.  I watched his hair turn grey as he struggled to deliver his grandson.

After 17 hours of labor and thanks to a very determined nurse  whose name was Skinner, Braddock Jones was finally coaxed into the world.

In those days, we didn’t have a clue which sex we would be having.

Skinner yelled – “We have a little red-headed boy!”  I racked my brain trying to figure out where the red hair came from. Weighing in at a mere 5-1/2 pounds, he had the lungs of a swimmer.  Suddenly, the world shifted for me and I knew that I was born to be a mother – not a perfect one, mind you,  but the best I could be.

I’ll never forget the aftermath.  Mother and son made it just fine until the father waltzed into the hospital room and whined,  “My feet are killing me.”

Say what? HIS FEET WERE KILLING HIM!  I remember thinking I could endure a stint at Parchman Penitentiary to show him what would really kill him.

I don’t think our marriage ever recovered fully after that gaff, though we stayed together 28 more years and had another son.  Funny, I really don’t remember the hard times, I just remember the births of my two boys – the best two days of my life.

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  1. Your dad (love that man!) delivered my daughter–on one of the happiest days of my life–tomorrow–March 30! The thrill of having a girl since we already had a boy!
    And George (hospital phobic that he is) didn’t come any further than the waiting room of Ivy Memorial and waved to me and baby at the window!

    Happy Birthday to our kids–Braddock and Leigh!!

  2. Emily,
    I remember hearing you had toxemia, but never knew what it was or how seriously you were affected. So glad you pulled through. What would our world have done without Emily!!!

  3. Happy birthday, dear oldest son, and what a day it was! I well remember Ms Skinner. Never was a better nurse or a sterner one.

  4. Emily, I’m sending this to my brother who shares Braddock’s B’day as his Mama can’t tell him stories anymore. I’m glad you both made it!

  5. Oh my sweet doctor! I miss Dr. Braddock so, so much and 35 and 33 years ago
    he delivered Kit and David!!!!!! I , too, had toxemia and wasn’t too fond of birthing babies—-but we all survived. Happy Birthday to all our young folks that Dr. Braddock delivered—–too many to count.

  6. Happy Birthday to Braddock!
    Your father delievered Andy, and would have delievered John Paul but he and your mother were on an excursion to China, I believe. Dr. Lott helped bring John Paul into this world. 40 years ago in June! 39 years ago in October for JP,

  7. What a sweet story. So sorry you had a rough pregnancy!

    I understand the husband comments. Kurt says, “Man, this pregnancy is taking forever.” I respond, “Yeah, it’s REALLY hard on YOU.” Men just do not understand pregnancy.

  8. I remember Skinner. I can still see her in her uniform and cape. Your daddy delivered both my children, Josh in 1966 and Christy Carol in 1972. He is a wonderful doctor and man. Happy Birthday to all of his “children”. Brenda said too many to count. Do you know how many babies he delivered?

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