A birthday to remember

Marie's raceday b'dy 015

Marie celebrated her birthday today by participating in a duathlon and low and behold, her team won first place!  (She and her partner Sasha are pictured with their trophies for which we will be building a trophy case next week!  That’s Judy doing the Watusi on a picnic table nearby.)

Marie's raceday b'dy 012

For the uninformed, a duathlon in August is something only a masochist could appreciate. It involves riding a bicycle about 12 miles and tagging a partner who completes the race with a three-mile run.

I was regretting not entering since there would have only been three of us in our age bracket, guaranteeing me at least a third place finish. But then, five hours later, I would still be out crawling along the course which meandered along the Tennessee Tombigbee Waterway.

It was a great day and a wonderful event which I’m determined to enter next year.  Judy ran the show like a third grade school teacher – which meant everyone hopped when she said hop.

Marie's raceday b'dy 002

Judy and I took Marie out to dinner last night to celebrate her birthday since we knew she would be ready for the couch after the grueling race. Come to think of it, all three of us were. 

Happy birthday Marie.  You look great for your age.  (Didn’t we decide on 49?)

4 thoughts on “A birthday to remember

  1. Forty-nine works for me!!!! What a birthday..they just keep getting better…whoda thunk it????????? Great fun, however for the rest of the day, think I’ll kick back and read “How to Say NO When Ask to Participate in a Race”!!!!!! Thanks for you support and I’m sure by next year I shall have forgotten how longggggg and hotttttt that trail was! We’ll do it!

  2. Marie, I remember you telling me about this duathlon race last week! Congratulations!! You didn’t mention it was also your birthday. So you obviously had a good day and night (eating with the ladies). No one will
    convince me that you are now 49!! And I am looking forward to next years
    race, which will include Emily as well. Take care.

  3. She can get away with forty nine as far as I’m concerned. She looks great for any age….you all do. Glad you had such a good day. Love you, Annie

  4. Who is that nice person that including us in looking good too.

    We just got back from Jackson where we played in a tennis tournament in 100+ weather. I was partnered with Sherri Rhoan and we lost the first match but won the second. We must be CRAZY! Almost as crazy as Maria at the Duathlon. She was a real trooper.

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