A day like today calls for tomato soup


The weather here in North Mississippi is dreary and drizzly and I’m yearning for a bowl of tomato soup which is what my mother always made on rainy days.


Not the stuff that comes out of can although that works in a pinch.  But it’s loaded with sodium.

A bowl of tomato soup is more than just delicious.  It can protect your blood vessels from damage due to high blood pressure and inflammation.

You can thank the vitamin C and other healthy compounds in tomato soup for these artery-protecting-benefits. When people in a recent study ate 2 cups of a tomato-based soup every day for 2 weeks, they experienced higher blood levels of vitamin C and decreased markers of inflammation.

Tomato-y Protection
Tomato-soup nutrients keep inflammation at bay by helping lower high blood pressure, which — if left untreated — can nick the smooth inner lining of your arteries. Your body repairs those nicks with lousy LDL cholesterol, forming a “spackle” that triggers an inflammatory reaction and a flood of white blood cells to the area. Eventually, the resulting plaque can become irritated and may rupture — and that can lead to an artery-blocking, heart-attack-triggering blood clot. Talk about a cascade of scary events. Tomatoes also fight bad cholesterol, the common cold and skin damage.

Here’s my mother’s easy Tomato Soup recipe….you can add, subtract, multiple and divide and not ruin it.

Spicy Tomato Soup.
1 1/2 qt. ( 46ozs) tomato juice.
1 1/4 C tomato puree (10 1/2 oz).
3 T sugar.
2 C beef bouillon
5 whole cloves.
1 sliced onion.
1/8 tsp. herbs (marjoram, thyme….)
dash ground cloves.
1 1/4 tsp salt

1 bay leaf

Simmer all for about 5-7 minutes. Stir occasionally. Not much more simple than that….add milk or a touch of cream to make a creamed soup.  Of course, I add a bit of Worcestershire and Tabasco.  A grilled cheese sandwich is the perfect accompaniment.

4 thoughts on “A day like today calls for tomato soup

  1. Em,
    I just purchased the ingredients for making this soup. Boy, was I surprised when I bought the tomato puree – I had never bought any before. It was over $1.00 a for a 10oz. can. Have you tried using anything in place of the puree?

  2. You could probably use a 32 ounce can of tomatoes and cook it down until it gets really thick but that would probably cost as much. Our Kroger has added a line of canned goods called Value something? and I like it better than Kroger’s regular house brand. It’s really cheap – a can of tomato sauce is 26 cents. Add a pinch of sugar to counter balance acidity. Brenda has been teaching me all this good stuff.

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