A day of shopping leaves me frustrated


I’ve ranted about this before, but today was the kicker.  I should have been home paying tribute to the soldiers who have and are serving our country.


But, I am going on vacation tomorrow and have no clothes to wear.  I don’t know what I wore last year, but I’m thinking I gave them all away when I lost five pounds.  I just knew I would lose 10 more and would never need them again.

Woe is me.  I have nothing but cut off blue jeans and T-shirts from the orthopedic clinic, and I’m going to spend time with Margaret Ann and Barry in their condo at Seaside  and they “dress” to go out to dinner.

I drove to Tupelo and planned to buy at least two outfits that would make me look half way sophisticated. You know, matching ‘something’ that didn’t look faded, but still unplanned.

What I found at Belk’s – that horrible store that bought out my beloved McRae’s – was hideous.  I could just see some retailer from New York reviewing what didn’t sell over the past three years and declaring, “Let’s send it to Mississippi. They have no taste!”

I was appalled at the “crap” (sorry, Mother, there’s just no other way to describe it) they are trying to sell.  It was like everything that didn’t sell during the 70s, 80s, and 90s, is hanging on their rickety racks.

As I tried to squeeze into a dreadful dress that smelled of the 80s, my phone rang. It was Marie calling to check on my progress.

I shouted, “I can’t believe this horrible store, everything in this place is Cr—p.” There were people’s feet showing in the changing booths on either side of me. I heard a gleeful shout, “You are so right, girl.”

As I pranced out of that horrible store, my handbag caught on the arm of a manikin and I pulled it right out of the socket. Serves her right for modeling at such a dreadful place.

I must clarify that the people that work in the store are all wonderful and aren’t to blame.  But we must demand that Mr. Belk send us the first runs, and not the dregs of the retail world.

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