A different twist on the Super Bowl


I have zero interest in the Super Bowl this year.  (If the Saints ain’t in, I ain’t in.)

Nevertheless I will begrudgingly attend a Super Bowl party and sit in the corner licking my wounds.

My son, B, is living it up however.  When I invited him to our party, he said he’s having his own and guess who’s playing.  The Saints!  He has downloaded last year’s Super Bowl and that’s what he’ll be showing. 


With last year’s trip to Miami still firmly entrenched in our minds, exactly how are Saints fans expected to be excited about this year’s matchup between Pittsburgh and Green Bay?

The last time New Orleans met the Steelers, the Saints won by 10 points on national TV. The last time they met Green Bay, the Saints put 51 on the Packers defense on Monday Night Football. By all rights we should be in Houston today.

Like most Saints fans, I realize New Orleans won’t make the Super Bowl every year. But once you’ve actually experienced it, watching others do it may never be the same again.

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