A fashion statement at Christmas time


You can always count on my friend Marie to look good in the worst of circumstances. She arrived at my door today in the middle of an icy, yucky drizzle looking like a million dollars.

Marganitas Xmas 09 009

The rest of my girl friends had already arrived to help with my Christmas cooking and they were looking a little “soggy.”  It wasn’t a great hair day – all except for Marie.

“Girl, I love your hat.  Where ever did you find it?” I quizzed.

“This ole thing?  It came from Kroger and it was free,” she replied.  Within minutes the rest of us had cleaned out my stash of plastic bags and covered our wilting tresses – quite cleverly, I thought.  Look at Linda Barton’s (above right).  Now, that girl can make a fashion statement out of anything!

Mine looks more like a shower cap for the Jolly Green Giant. Or, maybe a Whig from the Revolutionary period.   Who cares.

Let’s see.  The “designer” labels said Wal-mart, Big Lots, Fred’s and Hobby Lobby.  Not a Neiman Marcus  in the group.

Who knew.  The old plastic  bags I use for garbage could become a fashion explosion.  I expect they will be outlawed soon, and they should be.

But I’m hanging on to my hats which will become a collector’s item one day.  Won’t my grandchildren be proud!

2 thoughts on “A fashion statement at Christmas time

  1. loved the new fashions. another reason I should have come home for the holidays – to be with the “girls”

  2. Yes. Miss you always at Christmas. I will always remember our Christmases. Our Bride Dolls – they probably set us up for a fall. They were so perfect and we had no reason to believe life would be any different.

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