A new generation rolls in the Tide!


Since it looks like I’ll never have a grandchild to brag about or dote upon, I’ve decided to adopt my friend Olivia’s grandson, John Bonner, as the object of my “bragblog.”

Isn’t he cute? If you squint, he looks a tiny bit like me – blond hair almost white, pleasingly plump, loves red tennis shoes!

Unfortunately, he is a huge Alabama fan and his granddaddy is the chancellor of the University of Alabama system. But they have indelible Mississippi ties.

His grandmother is my blood sister. We punctured  our fingers with a needle in the bathroom of the First Presbyterian Church in 1957 while playing hooky from Choir. She said if we rubbed the blood together we would be sisters for life. She doesn’t seem to remember it, but I do. So there! John Bonner is partially mine too.


One thought on “A new generation rolls in the Tide!

  1. To my “blood sister”,
    Of course I remember our ritual exchange of blood!
    Sisters and friends forever,

    P.S. Don’t we have a cute grandson?

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