A new home for my friends

east side 007

I have some very old friends who help me make it through the day.

They are my books.  I read them for inspiration and hope.  I read them for laughs.  I read them to pass pleasant moments by the fire on a cold rainy day.

Unfortunately, my old friends have been sorely neglected. They have been  crammed under beds and stacked in corners.  They have been  collecting dust and suffering from occasional nibbles by Lucky Dawg or Rebel.

They have grown dog-eared (literally), and occasionally they  fall through the cracks into the Black Hole that seems to suck up various and sundry items around my place.

But now they have found a suitable resting place.

bookcases 002

They have a wonderful new home, thanks to Phil and Aaron Onan who took a seldom used hallway and built me some beautiful book cases.

My old friends are much happier now and I can pull them out whenever I please without crawling around on the floor under my bed.  Now my old wedding dress has that space all to herself!

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