A new kind of football

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At least it’s new to me.  I spent the last few days in Shreveport attending an arena football game which was refereed by my friend, Scott, who also officiates for the Big Ten Football League during the regular season.

shreveport 008

That’s Scott in the white hat about to toss the coin.

It was jolly good fun and gave spectators an “up front and personal” look at the sport of football that  big outdoor venues don’t offer. First off, it’s played on a little field.

The arena regulation field is only 50 yards long, 85 feet wide, with two 8-yard end zones.  It also features a teeny little space through which to thread a field goal.

The action is fast paced and the quarters race by at the speed of light. Best of all, the arena was air-conditioned and refreshments and libations were an integral part of the fun.

The games usually are high scoring with lots of up and down field action.  Unfortunately, the Bossier City Battlewings (the team I was supporting because I liked their black and green uniforms) went down in defeat to the Jacksonville Sharks.

shreveport 014

That little space between the two big rectangles, is where the extra points and field goals must clear. I like this sport especially during the summer months when no one wants to sit in an outdoor stadium  with seats so close to the sun.

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  1. Do you have a “thing” about football officials?? – Or are you training yourself to become one??! I must say that you and Marie would be
    much better to look at than most men!!! David

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