A requiem to monkey grass

monkey grass 001

Yesterday was a killer, and it turned me into a killer. 

I spent HOURS digging up past its prime monkey grass, planted so lovingly ten years ago.  What was I thinking?  Digging it up was way harder than planting it.  It had become so overgrown it covered entire stones in my little outback courtyard. 

Also known as Mondo Grass, this stuff is hardier than the bamboo I’ve been fighting for three years.

Once it was gone, I found I actually space to sit in the courtyard again.  I’m sure monkey grass has its uses – maybe as a ground cover, but never, ever plant it in a flower bed because it is very bossy and invasive.

I’ve got a wheelbarrow full of monkey grass and probably more on it’s way for anyone who is not interested in planting it along my fence line (thank-you!).

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