High level talks at reunion summit

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Part of the fun of holding a class reunion is planning the class reunion. A few members of the West Point High School Class of 65 convened today in the venue we hope will serve as reunion central during our 45th class reunion in 2010.  It was in the repurposed and breathtaking Ritz Theatre.


First things first, we had lunch in the new Cafe Ritz located adjacent to the old  theatre in what you “Point People”  would remember as the  Woolworth Five and Dime.  In the photo above, we’re sitting about where the cash register was located, if my memory serves (it usually doesn’t).

The food was delightful and very reasonably priced.  Olivia’s salad in a parmesan puff pastry was only $5 – she thought they had made a mistake.  I had a fabulous bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich on wheatberry bread with French fried sweet potatoes for $8.

I noticed that half the patrons in the packed restaurant were from Starkville.  Seems West Point has become quite the “happening place.”

Carolyn Blair Bentley, Norma Clark Atkins, Tinker Lautar, Jimmy Henley, Olivia Catledge Portera, Jerry Blackwell, Ruthie Stafford Weathers, Lucille Deas Armstrong and I convened to open reunion discussions.  We declared ourselves the board of directors simply because we could – no one else showed up.

We crossed the street and drug Bucky Kellogg into the discussion later.

We did decide to send out an e-mail to our class members offering three dates for the formal reunion.  We will go with the one people seem to prefer.  The group favored Memorial Day weekend of next year – May 28-30 – simply because it’s not typically a big “family” holiday and it is a three-day weekend that arrives hopefully before the heat of summer. I lobbied for New Year’s Day – we’re not getting any younger, you know.

As with all “summit talks” there were tense moments.  I only had to beat the table with my shoe twice.  There were no injuries that I know of.

We’ll meet again in July after the date is decided to begin planning in earnest.  If there is anyone out there who needs to give us a change in e-mail or snail mail address, please pass it along. We don’t want to miss a soul.

4 thoughts on “High level talks at reunion summit

  1. Had fun visiting with everyone today! Can’t wait to meet again and start making “real” plans….and the first picture of us “captures” our better side(s), don’t you think????

    Norma….send me Bucky’s email address.

  2. Emily——Thanks for telling us about the Cafe Ritz—–can’t wait to have lunch there.

    Shirley Dawkins

  3. Be sure to visit the powder room, it’s spectacular. Also tell them you’d like to see the theater – it’s connected to the restaurant.

  4. Emily, Starkville High School Class of 1965 is planning a reunion for May of 2010 too. We haven’t firmed up our date so guess we had better get going?

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