A St. Pat’s Day tradition


In observance of St. Pat’s Day I’m planning an Irish luncheon to help my friend, Linda, dance into her 63rd year.  I decided to serve green beer with my Irish Stew and learned it’s as easy as swirling in a few drops of food coloring.


Green beer is a St. Patrick’s day tradition in many homes, restaurants, and pubs. You don’t need to be a chemist to mix this celebratory drink. All you need is beer and food coloring.

The beer
Choose a lighter beer, one that will take the color easily. If your favorite beer is of the darker variety, it will take more coloring.

The color

Blue food coloring works best; by mixing it with the yellow beer, you should achieve a true green color. I tried both blue and green food coloring.

Try adding a bit of lime for a bit of zest and brightness, as well as to avoid having to explain that you added nothing but coloring.  Don’t stir too vigorously or you’ll lose the fizz.

For the purists among us who don’t want to tamper with good beer, enjoy a Guinness. If you’re in the St. Patrick’s day spirit, consider this little limerick and go easy.

Green Beer, Much Cheer!

There once was a lively young thinker,
On St. Pattie’s Day became quite a drinker,
“More Rounds of Green Beer”
was his lively loud cheer,
but it soon landed him into the clinker

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