A tribute to Mama

BABEE_thumb By Deluded Diva Sherry White Jeffcoat

As Mother’s Day approaches, I wanted to honor my mother with a special tribute to her. I actually wrote this letter to her a few years ago and framed it for her as a gift.

She put it in the kitchen window where she could see it every day, because it made her feel as special as she is. I write this now with a little more sadness than I did when I wrote it a few years ago.

I write it now as another tribute to her and mothers everywhere. I especially honor her now because her health has taken a serious turn for the worse in the last month. My love for her is all the more special right now as we don’t take one single day for granted anymore….not one.

So Mama this is for you again. I honor you. I cherish you. I respect and love you.


Mama….the very word brings comfort to me.
You were never Mother, or Mom to me. You always were and always will be….just Mama. I think it is the first word we say and probably the last, because the single most important person in most of our lives is our mother. Mama….Sandy, Mike, and I are so lucky to have you. You have always been our biggest supporter, defender, friend. You know I never forget anything and I remember everything you did so unselfishly for all of us.

You would always make sure we got the last biscuit or piece of chicken, even if you wanted it. You would make sure I got to get all of my school pictures even if it meant you had not change left for yourself. I selfishly let you do it, not really understanding your kind of unselfish love until I became a mother myself..then I understood….

I understood then why you would let me take my frustration out on you when I couldn’t understand my math homework. You patiently trying to help me, my inability to do it, causing me to lash out at you. You cried that day and broke my heart. I vowed never to make you cry again, and I hope that I have fulfilled that vow. I remember smelling the tea cakes when I came in the back door off the school bus and being so happy that you were there cooking, ready to hear about my day, making me feel so special. Throughout the years, that hasn’t changed.

You are always the first one I want to call to share my happiness, or grief, or just need to have you listen to me. No one in the world will ever love me like you love me, that unconditional love that only a mother can give.

You were the peacemaker, the equalizer, the warmth, and the heartbeat of our home Mama, and I love you probably too much.
For all that you were, all that you are…my Mama

I love you,


(Editor’s note:  I don’t think it’s ever possible to love someone too much!  And, what a lovely tribute to your Mama.)

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