A very lovable, but corny neighbor

Brrenda's corn 003

Brenda, my favorite neighbor, got up at the crack of dawn and went to pick corn.  She promised to bring me all I could eat.  She picked enough for the entire city.

Brrenda's corn 006

I couldn’t imagine the haul she brought home just in time for lunch.  For the past three hours, she has been silking and blanching. 

Look at her! People who look good after being in the corn fields for five hours and no make-up really tick me off! 

I had to go buy her more freezer bags to get my cut.

You cannot believe how tender and flavorful corn right off the stalk tastes.  You really didn’t even need to cook it.  We just brought it to a boil, cut off the fire and chowed down – with real butter, of course. I think I died and went to heaven.

Brrenda's corn 001 Here are the left-overs in the back of her truck.  They are destined to be cut off the cob and frozen for next winter when a taste of summer will return in a vegetable dish or her famous “kitchen sink” soup – the best I ever had.

I am a very lucky neighbor.

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