For years I’ve been receiving junk mail from AARP.  At first I was offended – especially since I received my first complimentary membership card when I was barely 50.  I cut it into little pieces and tossed it in the garbage.

But lately, the stuff I’ve been receiving holds a miniscule of interest.

This week I got a packet of coupons an inch thick for things like the “walk in bathtub,” Medicare supplemental insurance, and a life alert.

There was one for a Betty Crocker diabetes cookbook, a Jitterbug telephone, Paula Young wigs, and a blood pressure meter.

Oh Lord, when did such things become attractive. 

comfort seat

The kicker was today when I received a brochure on “The Solution ComfortSeat.”  It’s a toilet seat that wipes you clean – “no plumber necessary.” 

There are seven models available.  A toilet seat with gears! Well, I never….

Look, if I’m tempted to plunk down $99.95 for such an item, just go ahead and shoot me. 

3 thoughts on “AARP-Barf

  1. AARP no longer has the needs of seniors on their agenda where it counts. Remember their indorsement of Oboma health care. Carefully weight what they say they are doing and what they actually do. I have and I am no longer a member of aarp.

  2. Emily,
    You are probably quite aware of the very liberal agenda of AARP and the millions of dollars they spend each year to advance this agenda. Some of their stances have included:
    • Opposition to the balanced budget amendment
    • Support for continuation of the estate tax, often called the “death tax”. Conservapedia claims that AARP’s rationale is a liberal wealth redistribution scheme to “help reduce the concentration of wealth”
    • Support of the CHIP children’s health program and AARP’s opposition to the Bush veto of expanding the program
    • Support of Health Care Reform, including sponsoring “listening sessions” on the issue. The listening sessions were subsequently cancelled.
    • Numerous instances of supporting and sponsoring LGBT activities, including gay sensitivity training and gay pride events
    • Opposition to Social Security reform that included private retirement accounts and opposition to Medicare reform.

    When I receive mail from them, I stuff EVERYTHING back in the return envelope (with prepaid postage by them) and send it back. If I have time, I write a little note telling them why I don’t appreciate their propaganda. I don’t believe I’ve received anything from them now in several months.

  3. Ann has it all right, I have not been member since the health care debate and I keep on getting this last chance to renew my membership. Since they no longer sent the prepaid postage envelope, I just write on the envelope they send “Please sent to Mr Obama he is going to take care of everything” don’t know where it is going, but they are still sending stuff and I’m still sending it back.

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