Abducted by aliens? No such luck!


Jane S. just sent a note asking if I was okay?  She noticed I hadn’t been updating the Deluded Diva.

Well, to be honest I’m not okay.  I’m having a nervous breakdown.  I agreed to handle publicity for a major project in my community which is being chaired by three people with different ideas on how things should be run.  They each keep making decisions which aren’t shared with the other two and I’m losing my mind.

This morning was the last straw.  After revising everything three dozen times and begging the printer for yet another extension, they threw me a major curve ball.

shouting I turned up the music as high as it would go and walked into the shower fully clothed.  I began screaming my head off while Vivaldi yelled just as loud on Mississippi Public Radio.  That lasted until my throat got sore – I turned off the water and cleaned myself up.  You know, I really did feel a little better.

To make matters worse, my mouse died -not the one that roams around my house at night -the one that makes my computer form words.  I’m having to use my laptop which has a different keyboard configuration and I erase every third sentence – sometimes a whole paragraph.

Worse yet, Lucky Dawg is very sick – in the dawggy hospital and I’m worried sick about her.

I’m thinking of running away from home.

5 thoughts on “Abducted by aliens? No such luck!

  1. Emily, dawggy prayers for your baby, please keep us posted on her progress. I’ll be getting some web-sites together and will send to you on good hikes around the Birmingham area. Hang in there and breathe.

  2. Thanks Lota – I hoping to get her home today. Funny how that little bag of fluff has made herself such an important part of our household. Rebel’s been moping around like a lovesick teenager.

  3. Hope Lucky Dawg is better soon, you too! Are you
    going to the game tonight? We’ve got to beat
    LSU, this should be another good one.

  4. Hey Norma – hoped to bring her home but she has to stay until Friday. I had a nice visit with her and she said the food was horrific. They don’t even give her the afternoon popcorn break!

    No game tonight – still engaged in the War of the Flowers (Garden Expo) – must have everything finished tomorrow.

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