Aging with Attitude

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I keep hearing people joke about, or bemoan the realities of aging.  Rather than complain about the inevitable, why not focus on the positives of growing older.  There are many, you know.


No pressure to be “Trendy”

Remember those twelve-inch mini-skirts, ugly and dangerous platform flip-flops, purple mascara, and caked-on make-up? No one expects us to look 21 anymore and it’s futile to try.  Poor Cher, at left. She didn’t get the memo. These days, it’s totally acceptable to buy what’s comfortable and makes us feel good, instead of what all the other “kids” are wearing.

Once you hit a certain age, it’s okay to opt out of trends you don’t like or that won’t flatter your body type. Those “pregnant” dresses come to mind. A fifty something year old, doesn’t need to look pregnant at this stage of her life.

Friendships get better

Thelma-and-Louise-785659 I like to think of my friendships as fine handbags—once the leather breaks in and burnishes, they are more beautiful and interesting than anything brand new. My best friends and I have so much more fun now that we’re older – and have forgotten the competitiveness of our teens and twenties.  Now, we have years of great memories to talk and laugh about.

You’ve Figured Out Who You Are

aging with attitude

Once you have ceased climbing the mountain of life and find yourself coasting down the other side, you gradually figure out who you are, what you stand for.

We can evaluate our lives based on a wealth of experiences we’ve had.  We toss the things that didn’t work and embrace those things that enrich our lives.

Do I regret the aimless wanderings of my twenties and thirties? Absolutely not. But I have learned a lot more about myself since then and now I feel like I’m finally living the life I want.

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