Ah, beauty shall be mine at last!

beauty cream 007

It’s all because my remote control battery died.

I leave my television on all night, and awake from time to time to see some fascinating documentaries – until early morning when the infomercials set in.

About seven days ago, my remote battery up and died, and I was too lazy and sleepy to get up and change the channel.

I became mesmerized by an ad featuring Cindy Crawford and her new skin care regimen. She and some French guy have teamed up to sell us the secret to beauty for life – packaged under the hokey name “Meaningful Beauty.” Hogwash. I almost didn’t order it because of the name alone. Couldn’t they come up with something better than that!?

But darn, the longer the segment ran, the less expensive it became, and Cindy really does look good. The product started at $115, and before it was over you could get it for $29.95 if you called within four minutes. I almost broke my leg rushing through the house to find my phone in the dark. I only had two minutes left.

I got my order placed in time and the package arrived today. Let’s see, we have souffle cleanser, moisture balm, night fluid, masque visage, eye “Yeux” stuff , glowing serum, and the freebie I got for being among the first 500 callers – the Décolleté cream. Boy, I’ve been needing that. I’m not sure where the decollete is located.

Of course, it all came in diminutive sizes, but they will rush a second order 30 days from now at my “preferred customer” rate. Hogwash.

Okay, I will have an open mind. Cindy really does look good, but she’s what? Twenty seven? I’ll try the product if I can understand the instructions.

Stay tuned. If I start looking really good, I will sell the 800 number to Deluded divas only. I was disappointed the kit didn’t come with a fake mole. I was counting on that.

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