All grown up and settled down

Jack Hollinsworth concert 027

Tonight we had an impromptu reunion of classmates in the area who gathered to hear an inspirational concert by our very own Jack Hollingsworth (pictured at center with Bubba Davis and Ronnie Tiffin).

Jack and his wife Sally operate a traveling ministry known as Acts. 29.  The kids of the Class of  ‘65 remember him as a quiet, sweet boy with a voice as beautiful as Elvis himself.

Jack Hollinsworth concert 023

After high school, Jack took a detour into the fast lane which darn near took his life.  Then Sally got hold of him in a rehab program and introduced him to a faith in God  which would change him forever.

He sang many old favorites like “He Touched Me” and  “I Come To the Garden Alone.”  We marveled at how his voice is just as strong and clear as it was 45 years ago when he sang Mustang Sally at Teen Town.  And energy?  He has it in multiples. Where did that shy retiring boy go?

Above Sally and Jack are pictured with our gang which includes the church minister, Dickie Bryan (another West Pointer who at age 70 looks younger than we do), me, Marie, Norma, Bubba and Ruthie.  Marie was so overcome with emotion, Norma and I had to hold her up.

Jack Hollinsworth concert 028

We marveled at Ronnie Tiffin who still has those boyish good looks and Norma who keeps us straight.

Incidentally, my West Point friends will be interested to note that Bubba Davis, the award winning coach who produced many state champions, is now coaching Starkville Academy.  That’s almost a miracle in itself when you consider how much we hated Starkville growing up.I believe it was our junior year that we finally beat Starkville after losing a long string of battles.   Bubba is very involved in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and I’ve never been prouder of my friends.

You’ll never hear me sing “I’ve got friends in low places.”   I just don’t.

7 thoughts on “All grown up and settled down

  1. Aren’t you happy we’ve finally settled down? We still have fun, more than some would want to believe. For those that missed Jack, you missed a blessing.

  2. With a lot of help from my friends, I finally am “connected” to Emily and her stories! This one today delights me, because it’s so special and Jack’s brother, Sam, has recently become one of our FB friends. We know all of these folks except for Jack and Sally, and Marie? Thanks for the pictures, sharing the memories, Emily!! I know your Dad and Mom and Martha are so proud of you! My Dad, Sam Permenter, was a friend of your Mom and visited her regularly on his “outings”. Sometimes Mother would send some home-made “goodies” for them.

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