All things old are better than anything new


We spent the weekend in Nashville and it was the best time ever!

It wasn’t the food or the music, as is usually the case. It was time spent with my two sons scouring through used books at the McKay Used Book Store. This place is so large we lost each other about twice and had to call another area code to get back together.


This place is heaven.  My son, Braddock, is a collector of the classics and he uncovered some first editions along with a little known Mark Twain  he’s been looking for.  He also got a early edition “Moby Dick. “

Our entire afternoon of discovery didn’t cost us more than $30 and we came home with what I consider priceless treasures. William and Braddock’s taste run somewhat more sophisticated than mine.

I found a Barbara Delinsky for 15 cents (if you don’t know her, you’re not from West Point), “Pippa Greenwood’s The New Organic Gardener” for $2 and the 1976 blockbuster “Sugar Blues” for 75 cents.

For $2.90 I found a little piece of heaven.  After that, we went to eat Sushi (bait, in my opinion). It cost me $174. I smiled sweetly and choked down seaweed that reeked of eel and used my chopsticks like spears. I’ll do anything for my boys.

But I had my books to keep me warm when we got home.  Of all our trips to Nashville – this was maybe the 10th since Katrina ran William away from New Orleans.  This was our best.

3 thoughts on “All things old are better than anything new

  1. I found McKay’s in Chattanooga about 2 1/2 years ago when I took my mother to attend a friend’s 90th birthday party. McKay’s is a wonderland to readers and music lovers. I could have spent the whole time we were in Chattanooga at McKay’s. We’ve been back once since and the trip would not have been complete without a trip to McKay’s. There are three, can’t remember where the other one is.

  2. I had no idea there were other McKay’s. This will always be my most favorite place to run away to (maybe Miss Elizabeth will forgive my ending a sentence with a preposition.)I love this store!

  3. I’ve been to McKay’s in Nashville. So awesome! A person could spend 5 hours in there easily!

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