All tied up and no where to go


I found a sure fire way to meet a man in case you’re interested. This morning as I grabbed Lucky and Rebel’s leashes, I saw them smiling. They had plans for me I couldn’t begin to imagine.leash

We walked down to the park so they could run around a bit. On the way home we met up with a handsome stranger who was walking a BIG BIG dog. I clicked Rebel’s leash to draw him closer to me to avoid any canine conflict, but it malfunctioned and let Rebel charge ahead a full 25 feet, Lucky darting after him. Before we knew what was happening the man and I were hopelessly tied up together and helpless to do anything about it. The three leashes were knotted in a perfect clove hitch and we were unable to move. Where did they learn to do that?

The man and I were laughing so hard we couldn’t begin to untangle ourselves. A nice college boy was driving by and saw our predicament. He stopped the car and untangled us.

Long story short, the man and I began to chat and I learned he was visiting from Shreveport and staying at the Holiday Express around the corner. We went out for coffee – after dumping the dogs. I have a new friend, and their job was done.  I’m may try this again tomorrow.

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  1. Looking up “dog adoption” in my area as soon as I’m through typing.

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