Along come the melons! Tomatoes too!

melon, jumb 001

Today we picked cantaloupes from our organic haybale garden.  Didn’t even realize they were there until they were almost  ready to pick. Who would dream we could grow melons this size without fertilizer!? Braddock cut one and we ate it right there in the garden!


I’m still having a problem picking the zucchini before they get as big as baseball bats, ditto for the cucumbers.  They seem  to double in size in a matter of hours.

Tomatoes are finally turning red…my taste buds are gearing up for a big red one for lunch – on a BLT of course.

Growing up in the Deep South always meant BLTs for supper – it was too hot to cook.

My mother always used to say, “If I’ve got a tomato in the house, I’ve got a meal.”  My Daddy was a country doctor who was often paid in produce.  Many summer mornings I would go out to get the paper for Daddy and find a basket of big ripe tomatoes and an array of other goodies.  I guess that’s why I never learned  to garden.

There are a few rules to produce the perfect BLT to my way of thinking.  They must always be served on plain white bread – Wonder is perfect. Crisp lettuce is required, and globs of mayo – please don’t ruin your BLT with Miracle Whip. It’s like pouring maple syrup on pimento cheese. Blasphemy.

And always, always – eat your BLT over the kitchen sink, letting the juice run down your arm!  You can make another to eat at the table – after all we’ll only have garden fresh tomatoes until October, then it’s back to those faux tomatoes that have no flavor.

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