Am I ‘normal’ yet?

cookie dough

I’ve strived all my life to become “normal.”  But lately, I’ve realized that I’m not sure what “normal” looks like.

Eating a whole tube of chocolate chip cookie dough, peeled back  like a banana, just  isn’t “normal.” So would it be acceptable if I cook up the package according to the instructions and eat the cookies standing over the kitchen sink?


A little “MORE NORMAL” perhaps, but not really.

The point is  — there is no “normal.” There is a homeostasis we try to maintain in our constantly-changing environment.

Maybe, none of us live a “normal” life because there’s no such thing says Dr. John Grohol, CEO and founder of Psych Central.

The grass may be greener in your neighbor’s yard, but that may be because they’re pumping their kid’s college funds into yard maintenance and fertilizer. You never know about other people’s lives — you only know what they choose to show you.  What appears “normal” may in fact be very discombobulated behind closed doors.

Somehow that is comforting to me.  From now on I’ll try to be normal in public so I can be totally ABNORMAL behind closed doors.  That’s the ticket.

That couple you met at the dinner party the other night – were they so nice to each other because they get along well and genuinely like each other? Or, do they secretly have illicit affairs going on and are trying to overcompensate to sooth their guilt?

On the other hand, the couple that is always shooting barbs at each other, may have an exceptionally strong relationship at home and feel comfortable enough to tease each other out in the world.

We have a character in our town who dresses outrageously.  After 9-11 she took to wearing an outfit fashioned from masking tape (remember when they told us to tape our doors so deadly chemicals couldn’t seep through?) Baby she was ready for the terrorists.

Now granted, that’s just not ‘normal’, but for her it was as normal as anything else she wears.

Maybe it’s best to think of “normal” as a range of life experiences where we can live the life we want, so long as it doesn’t impose significant health or mental health impediments.

Life will always have moments when we question our own sanity, but hopefully we can feel ”sane” every once in a while.  I was hoping for Saturday afternoon around 2 p.m.

I still have no idea what normal is … So please drop me a note when you find it. I’ll be waiting on my neighbor’s extraordinarily ‘normal’ green lawn.

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