And my name is Senorita Momento


Since Monday evening at book club,  when I spent five minutes looking for my handbag and discovered it hanging on my arm, I’ve been thinking about this thing called “senior moments.”

Had a “senior moment” lately? You know…You’ll be merrily chatting with a friend and suddenly you can’t pull up her name, or the movie you saw last night, not to mention what the initials AARP stand for.

Most of us begin noticing these awkward interludes in our 50s. By 70, some of us avoid talking altogether which is not necessarily a bad thing.


But just remember, senior citizens know a lot of stuff. We just can’t remember much of it.

What should the afflicted do?

It would be nice if we could clean out your brains, like we clean out the closet.  Get rid of the superfluous stuff, and keep what we’ll need in the present.  Do we really care what year the Revolutionary War began?

Maybe the better senior-moment strategy is to just chuckle and enjoy the fact you’re still alive to have them.  Or like my Daddy, announce that your “computer is down for the moment.”

But until then, do as I do. Live with it. Enjoy the feeling of a full and still (sometimes), useful life.

P. S. I’m still lucid enough to question what I consider injustices.  Last night I watched Katie Couric’s nightly news (because I heard they were doing a segment on developments in the world of alzheimers).  Was stunned that the lead stories were the devastating earthquake in Haiti and the feud between late night talk show hosts ( Conan and the other one whose name escapes me ).  Seemed ludicrous to me that the latter deserved any attention whatsoever, much less top billing.  But that’s just me.

2 thoughts on “And my name is Senorita Momento

  1. Uh oh, you’ve gone and changed your name again. Oh, and my brain DOES get cleaned out…..just like my closet. What a mess!

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