And the beat goes on…

My heroes from the greatest generation – Gordon Hazard and Tom Braddock. So close, they even share the same birthday!

Can you stand one more retirement story? The citizenry of West Point, Miss. just keeps on sending well wishes to Dr. Tom Braddock who is closing down his medical practice after six decades of faithful service. If I didn’t know better, I’d think they were just looking for any excuse to party down.

Daddy & poes

Bill Poe, Dr. Braddock’s niece Linda Poe and husband Glenn hear a few stories about Dr. Tom from his best friend from high school – Carl Lee Nance of Ripley.

North Mississippi Medical Center hosted a city-wide reception for the doc and Miss Martha today, and I heard a dozen more stories about him to add to the hundreds he’s already told me.

daddy & B

Dr. B with his grandson Braddock Jones of Starkville – brought into the world prematurely. I watched his hair turn gray during the delivery.

Someone asked Dr. Tom what his patients would do now that he’s retiring.

“Well, I guess they’ll just have to get well,” he retorted. Another patient said her sister who lives in another city was appalled that she would call the doctor at home.

“I told her that’s the best place to catch him,” she explained. He never complained or felt it was an imposition when patients called at all hours day or night. He still makes house calls.

daddy and his kids

The kids he raised are now senior citizens – from left Bob Marshall, daughter Emily, Marie Portera, and Norma Atkins at right.

Frankly I grew up secretly resenting his dedication to his practice. We could never plan a vacation or even a night out. I think he missed my high school graduation because someone picked that night to have a baby. The nerve!

Now I understand. He was one of those fortunate individuals who recognized early in life his God-given mission. He never wavered from that responsibility and he loved every minute of it. How divine.

daddy & family

Dr. B and Martha at center are pictured with family members who came to help him celebrate a lifetime of service.

8 thoughts on “And the beat goes on…

  1. Oh Emily!! How Blessed you are to still have your wonderful Dad. He truly has lived into his God-given mission and has been a blessing to so many over the years. Now its time to play golf.

  2. Emily, I am going to nominate your Dad as one of WP’s hometown heroes. The JA is asking for nominations as part of the upcoming sesquicentennial. They are going to be announce at the JA ball in Nov. Caroline is heading this up so I’ll get all the info from her and you can help me write it up. NO ONE is more deserving!

  3. Looks like it was a grand celebration of a life dedicated to the healing of so many people! He was our family doctor for so long that even our grandchildren know his name! Just saying “Dr. Braddock” makes me feel better!

    My hope is that this new jouney will be rich and satisfying and that he and Miss Martha will enjoy every day of “retirement” just like my father did for so many years! Dr. Braddock certainly deserves it!

  4. Almost forgot! What a great picture of two of my favorite doctors….Braddock and Hazard!


  5. Emily, your dad has been my doctor since I moved to WP in 1972 and I’ve sung in front of him in the choir for nearly as many years. I’m crazy about him! I’ve selfishly dreaded this day coming for the past 10 years! But I am happy for him and his “semi” retirement—-I can’t imagine him completely out of the healing business. Thank goodness he’ll still be available for consultation during choir practice!! We Presbyterians have been spoiled rotten by him and have been totally dependent on him. We won’t be able to give that up easily!

  6. Wow! I had no idea your dad was still practicing! What a wonderful blessing to have been able to help so many for so long. I’m sure all of WP has their favorite Dr Braddock stories, but mine is the one that I only heard a few months ago at my father’s funeral. Your dad was on a bowling team with my dad. The story goes that your father was paged during a bowling tournament to go deliver a baby…my little brother Jeffrey. As was typical for those times, my dad stayed and finished the tournament while your dad went to see my mother!

  7. Emily, the smile on your face shows everyone how proud your are of your Dad. You are so fortunate to still have him and he looks to be in great health! I second Norma’s motion on the nomination. I think that would
    be a great tribute to a wonderful man. Lord knows he derserves it after
    dealing with cranky patients through the years (that is including my Dad
    as well).

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