And the new star rises…


Well, I’m not sure about the new star part, but I do feel a inexplicable excitement about the new year.  At the same time, I feel pangs of melancholy as I pack away Christmas.

In these silent rooms which so recently echoed with laughter and non-stop activity, there is a quiet emptiness. I can’t bear to take down my last tree (I put up five this year) and think I’ll just let it twinkle on until Valentines or Mardi Gras – or maybe until it just burns itself out.

The gifts have all been put away and the good china is back in its rarely disturbed home.  I finished off the rest of my Aunt Emma’s chocolate pecan pie last night and passed out into a coma.  I got the best night’s sleep ever – could it be that we need a prescription for Pecan Pie because it is narcotic!

But as I sit here contemplating the new year, I relish the quiet. I needed this space, this creative pause to reflect on the love that filled this house and to find the Christmas star still burning.

I have a rustic cabbage soup bubbling on the oven and will share the recipe if it turns out as fabulous as I believe it will.  But first, have to finish the Valentine issue of the magazine. I hope this new year brings you everything you wish for.

7 thoughts on “And the new star rises…

  1. Me to. I keep wishing for a copy of the magazine. I called you at 12:09 to wish you Happy New Year.

  2. I always shed a tear of happiness about this time of year…admitting that Christmas is over and I’m not as young as I was 70 years ago is still a shock to my system. Always am glad that I lived another year and always look forward to the New Year, but still have memories that only I fall upon during the Christmas Holiday Season. Being a child of 73 gets harder and harder. Just think next Christmas I’ll be 74 and still loving the nip of the cold as Santa time approaches my life. I love Christmas.

  3. I always feel a sigh of relief when the holidays are over only because of the rush to get things done. But, I certainly do feel a lot of sadness when it all ends, I love the way everyone is so happy and the excitement of seeing old friends and family that we only seem to see at this time. The smell of good old home cooking comming from everyones kitchen brings me back to the days when all moms cooked everyday… has gotten so materialistic and so out of wack that no one has time for the wonderful things we experienced as kids. I’m so glad to be a woman in our age group.

  4. Chet – the very reason I don’t go out and buy Christmas decorations during the after Christmas sales is that I’m afraid I’ll jinx myself and kick the bucket before I can use them!

  5. Emily, so far, buying ornaments for next year has not caused me a problem and I will be 75 this year. Already been online to eBay buying Oriental dolls. Planning to use that theme for my next Christmas tree. Already have Oriental fans and the little tasseled Oriental lantern lights, 24 dolls, plus a few German made ball ornaments with Oriental scenes. One of my favorite items for the tree over the years are the large mesh brass balls that you can fill with potpourrie for the tree. Started out with 24 of them and now have only 6 as I have, over the years, given one to friends for their trees.
    Hope you and your many readers have a wonderful new year!!!

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